Wind Vs.






The Truth Behind The Lies See Recorded Evidence



The Judges That Issued The Illegal Orders Covered Up Corla Jackson Was Robbed By Alabama and Its Law Firms Because They Owed Her Money They Didn't Pay On False Arrest, Hate Crime and More!  So What They Did Was Faked A Foreclosure and Took Her Home and Land Based Upon Fraud and Fraud Upon The Court On A Company That Was Closed and No Longer In Business Which Is A Bigger Crime.  The Judges Could Not Issue An Illegal Order On A Company That Was No Longer Licensed To Do Business In Alabama and Nationwide, That Was A Defunct Company. 


Notice The Illegal Orders Were Issued In State Court Title GMAC Mortgage LLC vs. Corla Jackson Prior To Corla Jackson Having A Demand By Jury Trial In The United States District Court For The Southern Division Of Alabama.  The Judges That Issued The Illegal Order In The United States District Court Knew Corla Jackson Had Been Robbed and They Used Her To Cover All This Up Based Upon Her Illegal Order Which Is A Bigger Crime.  Corla Jackson Was Denied Due Process, The Conveyance Of Her Property and More Prior To The Wrongful Foreclosure. 


Clearly GMAC Mortgage LLC Was Closed and A Defunct Company That Was No Longer In Business When The Illegal Orders Were Issued, Which Corrupted The Complaint and Cases, Which Is Fraud Upon The Court and More Guaranteed! A Hate Crime White Collar Crime Robbery Took Place Here and The Hate Was Filed In The Complaint Which Was Never Tried To Date and More. 


Corla Jackson Filed The Initial Complaint Styled Corla Jackson vs. GMAC Mortgage Corporation ET, AL., Requesting A Demand By Jury Trial Which Never Occurred, Instead They Faked Trials and Robbed Her Under A Closed Company-Defunct Company With Illegal Orders Which Is Fraud Upon The Court By Corrupted Judges Linked Jurisdiction Judges, That Cover Up The Crime Initially To Date Which Cannot Be Ignored, This Violated The United States Constitution and The Judges Knew This That Is Linked To This Cases-Complaint Knowing If They Got Busted They Could Be Arrested For Fraud Upon The Court and For Covering Up A Hate Crime Robbery and More Linked Back To (2005) Without Lack Of Standing.  This Is Recorded.  Corla Jackson Was Robbed Of Her Identity, Credit, Equity, Home, Land, Money, Personal Property and More Guaranteed!


What Happened Was They Dragged The Hate Crime Theft Of Land and Property Out So Long One Thing Lead To Another and They Made Their Move Under Jeff Sessions Because They Knew He Was Going To Cover This Up Under Donald J. Trump. All The Judges That Issued The Illegal Orders Under This Complaint Must Be Investigated, They Violated Constitutional Laws and Covered Up A Hate Crime and A White Collar Crime Robbery Under Donald J. Trump Thought Jeff Sessions, Knowing That Corla Jackson and Other Victims Were Being Robbed In Alabama Guaranteed!


This Complaint Lead To Corla Jackson Writing A Book After Discovering How Jeff Sessions and Donald J. Trump Affiliates Were Robbing The United States Federal Government Linked To Massive Stolen Property's, Under Closed and Defunct Company's That No Longer Existed That Was Being Covered Up Between 2017-2020!



Finally We Know How They Were Robbing The United States Government and Victims Thanks To Corla Jackson Complaints Which Is Recorded Backed By The Evidence To Date Showing What They All Did, That Cannot Be Ignored, This Is Facts!


When The Judges Illegally Committed Fraud Upon The Court To Issue Illegal Orders Inside Alabama's Jurisdiction For Jeff Sessions and Trump's Affiliates The Servicer GMAC Mortgage LLC Was Closed And No Longer Doing Business In Alabama, Which Void All Orders Issued Inside and Outside Alabama's Jurisdiction Multiple Ways Guaranteed.  The Illegal Orders Are VOID By Constitutional Laws< Multiple Ways.  In Addition To This, Corla Jackson Was Insured With (2) Alta Title Policy's That Prevented A Foreclosure On A Clouded and Slandered Title To Her Property and More Guaranteed!  No Judge Can Issue Orders To A Closed Company That Was Not Licensed To Do Business Nationwide. 




The Evidence Speaks For Itself, This Is Recorded!



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